Back in May we reported that director Steven Soderbergh was tackling 'Magic Mike,' a story about a male stripper who befriends a young dancer and shows him how to hustle both on stage and off. The film is based on Channing Tatum's pre-acting life as an exotic dancer, and Tatum is set to star as Magic Mike, the older man.

At that time, Soderbergh had picked 21-year-old newcomer Alex Pettyfer ('I Am Number Four,' 'Beastly') for the role of the younger man, meaning that he would, essentially, play the young Channing Tatum while the real Channing Tatum would play his mentor.

Now Matthew McConaughey is set to join the production as Dallas, a former exotic dancer who now owns and operates Xquisite, the club where Magic Mike works.
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