After cementing himself as a household name in 'Captain America: The First Avenger,' it seems like Chris Evans is settling in nicely to his new reputation as a leading man. Next up for Evans is the legal drama 'Puncture' which has him trading in his shield and spandex for a syringe and suit as a lawyer on the edge.

Based on a true story, 'Puncture' is about a drug abusing, hotshot lawyer (Evans) who takes a high-profile case representing a nurse who's suing her hospital. The more he learns about the case, the closer he gets to uncovering a health care conspiracy that's bigger than he ever could have imagined could put his entire firm at risk.

Directed by Mark Kassen and Adam Kassen, written by Chris Lopata, and co-starring Michael Biehn and Vinessa Shaw, click through to check out the debut trailer for 'Puncture.'
Puncture Movie Poster
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A lawyer who is a drug addict fights a medical-supplies corporation in court while battling his personal... Read More