We've got an action remake with a body count for the ages, a horror remake that actually gets it right, and a romance that spans across decades just to balance things out. As if that weren't enough, you've even got a scratch-n-sniff movie to look forward to.

Definitely one of the more unusual weekend lineups we've had as of late, but go ahead and click through to see the lengthy list of what's looking good at the theater this weekend.
The Last Circus Movie Poster
The Last Circus
Based on 14 critics

A twisted love triangle develops among a Spanish clown (Carlos Areces), his cruel rival (Antonio de la... Read More

Programming the Nation? Movie Poster
Programming the Nation?
Based on 10 critics

The filmmaker spotlights purported uses, influences and effects of subliminal content in media. Read More

5 Days of War Movie Poster
5 Days of War
Based on 14 critics

A journalist (Rupert Friend), his cameraman (Richard Coyle) and a Georgia native (Emmanuelle Chriqui)... Read More

Fright Night Movie Poster
Fright Night
Based on 30 critics

Charley (Anton Yelchin) is a high-school senior who's in with the "in" crowd and dating Amy (Imogen Poots),... Read More

Conan the Barbarian Movie Poster
Conan the Barbarian
Based on 29 critics

A powerful Cimmerian warrior, Conan (Jason Momoa) carves a bloody path across the land of Hyboria on... Read More

One Day Movie Poster
One Day
Based on 41 critics

On July 15, 1988 -- the day of their college graduation -- two people from opposite sides of the tracks... Read More

Griff the Invisible Movie Poster
Griff the Invisible
Based on 14 critics

An office worker (Ryan Kwanten) who imagines himself a superhero by night becomes involved with a woman... Read More

Amigo Movie Poster
Based on 22 critics

A Filipino leader (Joel Torre) must decide whether to keep the peace with the American troops occupying... Read More

Flypaper Movie Poster
Based on 10 critics

A man tries to protect a teller, whom he secretly loves, after two groups rob her bank at the same time. Read More