Kids can be cruel, but that's nothing compared to their parents. Such is the thinking behind 'Carnage,' the next film from controversial writer/director Roman Polanski.

Adapted from the play 'God of Carnage' by Yasmina Reza, the story revolves around two sets of parents who get together after one of their kids injures the other on a school playground. What begins as a civil conversation gradually escalates into a chaotic screaming match as tensions come to a boil. Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly play one set of parents, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz play the other.

It isn't often that we see so much Oscar bait crammed into one space, but click through to check out the international poster and fantastic (if not slightly NSFW) debut trailer for 'Carnage.'
Carnage Movie Poster
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