Heartthrob. Mouseketeer. Oscar nominee. Canadian sensation.

Such are the many faces of Ryan Gosling, and now that we can add "role model" to the many things we love about him, our man-crush on the guy has grown to extraordinary new heights.

As captured by a nearby New Yorker, two unidentified men were fighting over a painting in the middle of St. Mark's Place in Manhattan yesterday as spectators stood by and watched. Then, out of nowhere, Ryan Gosling walks by, drops his bags, and breaks up the fight by grabbing the two men by their collars. After chewing them out, he escorts them to the sidewalk while those on the street watched in awe as "That guy from 'The Notebook'" saved the day without thinking twice.

It's one thing to read about it, so click through to see the footage of Gosling in action.
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