What a mixed bag of releases we have this week. First off there's a kinda-sports comedy, 'Win-Win,' revolving around a struggling attorney who coaches the local high school wrestling team and figures out a slightly illegal way to boost his sagging practice and his losing mat squad. Then there's the kinda-documentary 'TrollHunter,' a found-video horror movie about a trio of film students who shadow a trollhunter in the mountains of Norway and get more than they bargained for. Follow that with the kinda-black comedy 'The Beaver,' about a mentally ill man who latches onto a hand puppet as a way to communicate with his family and the outside world in the hopes of turning himself around. And then there's the deliciously seditious 'Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,' Morgan Spurlock's kinda-expose of the inner workings of the advertising and branding industry that will sell anything to anyone -- for a price. Read on.
The Beaver Movie Poster
The Beaver
Based on 40 critics

Walter Black (Mel Gibson), the head of a failing toy company, is deeply depressed. His marriage to Meredith... Read More

Trollhunter Movie Poster
In Theaters on June 10, 2011

While investigating reports of illegal poaching, three student filmmakers encounter a man (Otto Jespersen)... Read More

Win Win Movie Poster
Win Win
Based on 34 critics

Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is a struggling, though not overly ambitious, lawyer. As the court-appointed... Read More

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