What a mixed bag of releases we have this week. First off there's a kinda-sports comedy, 'Win-Win,' revolving around a struggling attorney who coaches the local high school wrestling team and figures out a slightly illegal way to boost his sagging practice and his losing mat squad. Then there's the kinda-documentary 'TrollHunter,' a found-video horror movie about a trio of film students who shadow a trollhunter in the mountains of Norway and get more than they bargained for. Follow that with the kinda-black comedy 'The Beaver,' about a mentally ill man who latches onto a hand puppet as a way to communicate with his family and the outside world in the hopes of turning himself around. And then there's the deliciously seditious 'Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,' Morgan Spurlock's kinda-expose of the inner workings of the advertising and branding industry that will sell anything to anyone -- for a price. Read on.
The Beaver Movie Poster
The Beaver
Based on 40 critics

Walter Black (Mel Gibson), the head of a failing toy company, is deeply depressed. His marriage to Meredith... Read More

Trollhunter Movie Poster
Based on 25 critics

While investigating reports of illegal poaching, three student filmmakers encounter a man (Otto Jespersen)... Read More

Win Win Movie Poster
Win Win
Based on 34 critics

Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is a struggling, though not overly ambitious, lawyer. As the court-appointed... Read More

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