Shake, rattle and roll, East Coasters. Wake up and welcome to the world of temblors. Hollywood, of course, is used to earthquakes ... earthquakes of all kinds, from those that roll the ground to those created by our stars, producers, directors and writers. But as for Tuesday night's news, well, there wasn't much that was earthshaking. Jonah Hill lost some weight and nabbed a role in 'Neighborhood Watch,' Dimension Films' latest 'Hellraiser' sequel has Clive Barker really pissed off, Edward Zwick will investigate China's 'Great Wall' and 'Scary Movie 5' is moving closer to getting made. Read on.

A recently slimmed-down Jonah Hill (he lost 30 pounds for '21 Jump Street') is in talks to join Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Rosemarie DeWitt in the Akiva Schaffer-directed 'Neighborhood Watch.' The sci-fi comedy centers around a suburban "neighborhood watch" group -- actually a front for dads to get away from their families for male-bonding -- that gets in over its head when it uncovers a plot to destroy the world. Hill would play Vaughn's sidekick. 'Neighborhood Watch' is being prepped for a 2013 release. [The Hollywood Reporter]
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