Hot damn, fellas! Finally, at long last, the wait is over to see some actual footage from 'The Hunger Games.' A lot of us have been waiting patiently for this day and, as you may have heard, today is that special day -- as early footage of 'The Hunger Games' is blazing a trail across the Internet in the form of a 15-second promo (for a promo) that will air during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

Given the gravitas that comes with a moment like this, it would be foolish to let it pass undocumented, so I've decided that I will live blog the footage so I can get my initial reactions down. All right, I've got three Diet Mountain Dews at my side, just so I have enough caffeine to make it through this marathon session of footage watching. So, what are we waiting for? Let's do this!
The Hunger Games
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In a place once known as North America, youths fight to the death in a nationally televised contest. Read More

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