Steve JobsIn another lifetime, Steve Jobs might have been Walt Disney. Both were charismatic showmen, both were relentless fountains of innovative new ideas who inspired their underlings to make them real, and both were genius pitchmen who could persuade millions to buy the same products over and over in slightly different form.

As far back as 1983
, there were even suggestions that Jobs should be running the Disney company. Instead, he built his own Disney (that is, Pixar), became Disney's biggest shareholder, and tried to drag Disney and the rest of Hollywood kicking and screaming into the digital era. Along the way, he changed the way movies were made (with Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software) and the way we watch them (on the go).

With Hollywood in mourning over Jobs' death on October 5 (just six weeks after his announcement of his retirement as Apple's CEO), it's worth taking a look back at his remarkable career to note how the man who changed the face of computing did the same -- perhaps without even trying to -- for movies.
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