First there was 'Mortal Kombat,' then there was 'Portal,' and while we're not sure how this one got past us when it was uploaded two weeks ago, 'Super Mario Bros.' is now the latest addition to the ever-growing list of short films doing justice to our favorite video games.

Filled with heartbreak, redemption, and power-up drug abuse, the crew at Pixelspersecond have put together a hilarious and totally original spin on a franchise that's best known for jumping and more jumping. Hopefully this is a trend we're catching wind of that will lead to more franchises getting the royal treatment, but even if it's a fluke, it's as awesome as they come.

So click through to check out the great (and semi-NSFW) fake trailer for the indie remake of 'Super Mario Bros.'
Super Mario Bros. Movie Poster
Super Mario Bros.
In Theaters on 1993

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