Seeing as the world's biggest movie stars have descended on the Toronto International Film Festival every September for 36 years now, you can hardly blame locals for getting a little blasé.

Sure, you can still expect the sidewalks in front of the city's most luxurious hotels and most exclusive nightspots -- along with the festival's innumerable red-carpet film premieres -- to be packed solid with autograph hounds, shutterbugs and other varieties of celebrity hunter, but when it comes to star-spotting during TIFF, the true connoisseur places the highest value on celeb sightings in the places you'd least expect.

It could be a Chinatown dumpling joint at 2AM. It could be at the back of a grubby pub that has no use for a velvet rope. One longtime Toronto resident I know still brags about seeing Brian Dennehy in line at his local variety store. Another was thrilled to host Bond baddie Mads Mikkelsen at a post-fest house party. I for one will not rest until I see George Clooney make a stop at my favourite burrito place in Kensington Market.