Yesterday, Dan Aykroyd revealed even more details about a third Ghostbusters movie. Before we get into this, I do want to preface this entire opinion by making clear how big of an admirer I am of Dan Aykroyd's work. The 'SNL' alum and Oscar nominee has been a part of some of the greatest works of comedy over the last 36 years and in no way am I suggesting anything other than that. But, my God , this 'Ghostbusters III' nonsense needs to end. Oh, sure, as the story that broke yesterday proves, there's buzz. So much buzz that Bill Murray can't do an interview without being asked about this f*cking movie. So, yes, people do like to read about the progress of 'Ghostbusters III', that's true. And, if this film were going to be anything like the original, yes, people would want to see that. But, no one really wants to see the movie that's being discussed ... because it sounds absolutely awful.