Is Zoe Saldana going to be one of those talented actresses who gets roles that are below her level until her once budding career is wasted away in one genre film after another? These may seem like harsh words, but after Saldana's great turn in 'Avatar,' we were looking for her to get much more challenging roles. Instead, she's been under-used in 'The Losers,' 'Takers' and this weekend's 'Colombiana' ('Colombiana' has been drubbed by the critics -- getting a 33 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes, but the reviewers love the actress).

So pardon us if we don't applaud the news (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Saldana has set up the supernatural thriller 'Dominion' -- about a woman (Saldana) who is half-human, half-angel -- at Paramount. Saldana will also produce. Right now the project is in pitch form from Dean McCreary and Chester Hastings (the duo behind the unreleased 'Fanboy'), so it will be awhile before it sees the light of day.

In the meantime, Saldana will most likely be gearing up for 'Star Trek 2' and then the first 'Avatar' sequel in 2014. In between we hope she's offered -- and takes -- some strong dramatic rolls so she can show off her chops in addition to her action moves and body (see Summer's Sexiest Women: Zoe Saldana of 'Colombiana').
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