With the summer wrapped up and the kids heading back to school, what better way to ring in a new season of new releases than with a Fall Movie Preview. Since the only big movies hitting theaters this Friday are 'Apollo 18' and 'Shark Night 3D,' we're starting things off with a bang and running down the list of big, bad horror movies coming out.

From aliens to poltergeists to God-fearing gun nuts, click through to check out the scares and screams you've got to look forward to in the next couple months.
The Thing
Based on 31 critics

Arctic researchers battle an alien organism that assumes the shape of its victims. Read More

Red State
Based on 9 critics

An unhinged preacher and his flock summarily execute homosexuals and lusty teenagers. Read More

Apollo 18
Based on 19 critics

Lost footage from a secret mission to the moon reveals a terrifying alien encounter. Read More

Paranormal Activity 3
Based on 25 critics

A videographer becomes obsessed with finding the source of disturbing late-night noises in his home. Read More