It never forgives. It never forgets was the tagline of the first 'Grudge' movie in 2004. And, apparently, it never dies either: Get ready for yet another remake of the Japanese horror franchise.

'The Grudge' started life as 'Ju-On' in two low-budget straight-to-video Japanese TV movies in 2000, which were then remade for the big screen by director Takashi Shimizu, as 'Ju-on: The Grudge.'

Cue the American remake and two more sequels. The last one, 'The Grudge 3,' went straight to DVD in 2009.

Ghost House Pictures and Mandate want to go back to the well for another retelling of the creepy curse that just won't die. No word whether it'll be headed to theaters or also to DVD

And look, Sony's super creepy, interactive site for 'The Grudge' is still live.

Should there be a new 'Grudge' movie or are you over it?

[via Bloody Disgusting]
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