After getting word last month that Spike Lee would be the man behind the camera on the long-awaited remake of Chan-wook Park's 'Oldboy,' it looks like Spike has found his leading man in none other than Josh Brolin.

Now that he's finished filming 'Men in Black III' alongside Will Smith (who was a long-rumored choice for the role) and still has a part in Jason Reitman's 'Labor Day' to take on, Deadline is reporting that Brolin will start filming 'Oldboy' in June 2012.

For those unaware, 'Oldboy' was a 2005 South Korean revenge film about a middle-aged father who finds himself kidnapped and held captive in a makeshift prison for 15 years without any explanations or any contact with the outside world. Then one day he finds himself released back into society and begins searching high and low to exact his revenge on whoever locked him up.

Still no word on a release date or any additional casting news, but if he plays his cards right, we think this could be the role that finally gets Brolin that Oscar. Hard to top what the great Min-sik Choi did with the role, but as long as he's cool with raw octopus, Brolin should do just fine.

So what do you think of Brolin as Oh Dae-Su?
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