Last week I may have jumped the gun ever so slightly by live blogging what turned out to be about one second of actual footage from 'The Hunger Games.' Fool me once! Am I right? Well, now I'm being told that some actual, longer-than-one-second footage has been made available to us, the public, which premiered on Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards. I swore to myself I would never be duped into feeding into this 'Hunger Games' madness again, but... real footage! So, I've got an unlimited supply of Coke Zero sitting next to me because, this time, I really will need easily accessible caffeine -- as this will be a true display of superhuman levels of stamina to make it though over a full minute of this sweet, sweet 'Hunger Games' footage. So, with that, there's no room for cowards where we're going... Let's do this!
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