All summer long here at Moviefone, we've been putting together a semi-weekly series entitled Summer's Sexiest Women. (It's tough work, we know.) What we've tried to do is showcase Hollywood's leading ladies in photo galleries and video collections, hopefully helping to provide a little background on how these beautiful women came to be the eye magnets on-screen that they are today. With summer just about to wrap up, we figured it was time to choose just who is the Sexiest Woman of the Summer 2011 movie season.

Please take a moment to review the nominees:

Today we begin a weeklong tournament to determine just which stunning starlet will earn the right to be called the Sexiest Woman of the Summer. Every day this week, we'll ask you, our dear readers, Who's Sexier? By Thursday, we'll narrow it down to two finalists, and we'll announce the winner on Friday afternoon to help kick off Labor Day weekend. Sound good?

Some details: We've given our top four seeds a first-round bye. (The top seeds were determined by which posts were most popular.) They are: No. 1 overall seed Mila Kunis, followed by Jessica Alba, the women of the 'X-Men' franchise, and Olivia Wilde. Facing off today to earn the right to go up against the top seeds tomorrow are: