The Rock is getting ready to rumble, Biblical-style. Dwayne Johnson (we just can't stop calling him The Rock, sorry), is in talks to play Goliath, the giant who goes up against a little shepherd boy named David.

Relativity Media reportedly wants none other than 'Twilight' hunk Taylor Lautner for the role of the sling-shot -wielding future king of Israel. That's right, it would be The Scorpion King versus Shark Boy. Bring it!

The Lautner casting offer probably comes courtesy of producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, who worked with him on the 'Twilight' franchise.

They might not even need CGI for this thing: Johnson stands at an impressive 6'5" while Lautner is a relatively puny 5'10."

Would you see this movie?

[via TwitchFilm]

images: Dwayne Johnson: Getty Images; Taylor Lautner: FilmMagic
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