What's better than a good ol' shark movie? Why, a 3D shark movie, of course! The aquatic predators audiences love to hate will be jumping off the big screen in a big way in this week's release 'Shark Night 3D.'

This time around, the sharks attack a group of unsuspecting college co-eds in a quiet lake in Louisiana. The pretty young things are completely thrown off by the lake attacks and end up fighting for their lives on their getaway gone wrong. The ensemble cast includes Dustin Milligan ('90210,' 'Slither'), Sara Paxton ('The Last House on the Left'), Katharine McPhee ('American Idol') and Chris Carmack ('The O.C.').

Moviefone sat down with Milligan and Paxton on the edge of the shark-free (we hope) waters of Lake Ontario in Toronto. The fun-loving young actors filled us in on everything from how the flick makes the most of 3D to why this ain't your parents' shark movie.