After a career of making the most mind-bendlingly brilliant films we've ever seen, taking a stab at the music world, and owning one of the best hairdos in Hollywood, David Lynch is now officially a club owner.

To ring in the opening of his Paris nightclub Silencio (named after a fictional theater in his film 'Mulholland Dr.'), The Guardian recently caught up with Mr. Lynch to get a full tour of the gin joint and an interview with the man himself.

As to what sparked the transition from movies to nightclubs, Lynch said, "They say that when men go into their 50s they dream of building gigantic towers to prove their virility. I have directed films, composed music, made all sorts of objects, works that had a beginning and an end. Now I want to make something solid."

The club took Lynch two years to put together, but still no word as to when, or if, we'll ever get to see Lynch behind the camera again. Silencio is also Paris' first private members' club, so unless you're close with Lynch or can impress the bouncer with backwards-speak, good luck trying to get in.

Head on over to The Guardian to check out the first photos from inside Club Silencio.

So how badly do you want to go party at David Lynch's nightclub?
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