Long before vampires were fighting over her as Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin made the movie 'Margaret,' playing a teenager who's guilt-stricken after causing a horrific traffic accident.

That was back in 2005 and, after years of tinkering and legal battles, the movie is only now seeing the light of day. Kenneth Lonergan shot the film as a follow-up to his acclaimed 2000 film 'You Can Count On Me,' but it's been on the shelf ever since, despite a top-notch cast including Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo and Matthew Broderick.

Over the years, Martin Scorsese, Scott Rudin and the late Sydney Pollack all tried to help get the film in shape for release, leading to a host of lawsuits. That doesn't bode well for the finished film, which hits theaters September 30.

Check out the first trailer for yourself.