'Hobo With a Shotgun' star Rutger Hauer returns to his Dutch roots for 'The Heineken Kidnapping,' based on the actual abduction of the heir to the famous brewery.

In 1983, Alfred Heineken and his driver were kidnapped and held captive for three weeks. The film not only tells the story of the kidnapping, but of Heineken's revenge, as he pursues his three kidnappers around the world. The synopsis for the American Film Market says it "focuses on the psychological power struggle between the successful and charismatic beer brewer and a ruthless young criminal with a grudge."

We'll buy that. Hauer looks like the Godfather with a glass of beer in the poster, doesn't he?

The first trailer is after the jump. It's in Dutch but you can still get a good sense of the action. And bravo to the choice of the song 'Twilight Zone' by the band Golden Earring, who are also (of course) Dutch. (It's still one of our favorite videos of the '80s.)