Earlier this week, when we published our preview of horror flicks due out this fall, we had this to say about 'Shark Night 3D':
"Are We Excited? Absolutely. We were oddly charmed by the sheer absurdity and gobs of gore and gratuitous nudity in 'Piranha 3D,' so we're crossing our fingers that the makers of 'Shark Night' follow that game plan. Of course, it could be utterly terrible too. This one doesn't have Jerry O'Connell, after all."
Well, it appears that the makers of 'Shark Night' did NOT follow that plan. Forgive us, but we overlooked one simple factor that would have drastically changed that blurb: 'Shark Night' is, for some exceedingly strange reason, rated PG-13, unlike the very, very, extremely R-rated 'Piranha,' which we liked so much. Yes, it's an oversight on our part, but please understand, this is what we were first told about 'Shark Night':
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