Thanks to highly anticipated letdowns like 'The Hangover Part II' and flat-out gut-busters like 'Bridesmaids,' this past summer was a pretty mixed bag when it came to comedies. So with another Happy Madison production on the way and a cancer comedy that's already generating some Oscar buzz, it's hard to say how the fall is going to shape up in comparison.

Whether you're as confused as we are at the surprising return of Mr. Bean, or are counting down the days until Ladies' Night with Sarah Jessica Parker, click through to weigh in on the best and the worst of this fall's comedies.
Johnny English Reborn Movie Poster
Johnny English Reborn
Based on 20 critics

After a disastrous mission in Mozambique, British agent Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) has retreated... Read More

50/50 Movie Poster
Based on 42 critics

Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has always tried to take good care of his health, so it comes as a... Read More

Burke & Hare Movie Poster
Burke & Hare
In Theaters on September 9, 2011

Two 19th-century opportunists (Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis) become serial killers so that they can maintain... Read More

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Movie Poster
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star
Based on 13 critics

Innocent Midwesterner Bucky Larson (Nick Swardson) works in a dead-end job as a grocery bagger and has... Read More

Tucker & Dale vs Evil Movie Poster
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
Based on 23 critics

Two scruffy pals' (Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk) backwoods vacation takes a bloody turn when ignorant college... Read More

I Don't Know How She Does It Movie Poster
I Don't Know How She Does It
Based on 31 critics

As an employee at a Boston-based financial firm, Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) struggles daily to... Read More