If you haven't heard of 'Apollo 18,' the intergalactic horror movie coming out this Friday, then allow us to catch you up to speed. NASA's final moon-landing mission was Apollo 17, but now the powers that be have unearthed "long-lost footage" of an abandoned 18th mission. Compiled entirely from "found footage," the movie shows the astronauts landing on the moon, finding out they're not the only ones there, and then fighting for their lives as things go from bad to worse.

In short, it's 'The Blair Witch Project' on the moon.

Maybe we're alone on this one, but while we still haven't seen 'Apollo 18,' we always thought 'The Blair Witch Project' was just fine on planet Earth. Either way, that got us thinking about what other movies would work if they had taken place in space. So take it with a grain of salt and click through to check out the movies we think could have made it to the moon.
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