A new 'Toy Story' short finds Buzz Lightyear taking on space villain Zurg on a distant planet and ... wait, is that a forest made out of asparagus?

In this video short Buzz is real (well, a real toy) and yep, that's an asparagus fort in a "toymation video short." It starts off with a real boy playing with his new 'Toy Story: Space Mission' toys. Then, the backgrounds become a mix of animation and real objects, like those broccoli heads and artichokes, as Buzz, Rex and Woody battle Zurg and his evil dust bunnies.

Okay, so it's really a commercial for the new Mattel 'Toy Story: Space Mission' line, but it's still cute. And no Tom Hanks or Tim Allen required: One boy provided all the voices.

See the video after the jump.
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