It's tough not to cry along with Mandeep as he reveals how lonely he is in the powerful documentary short 'Mandeep,' an official Toronto Film Festival selection. The 23-year-old Vancouverite yearns for friends to hang out with, but his frequent involuntary outbursts of profanity and destruction tend to alienate those around him.

Mandeep suffers from severe Tourette Syndrome, an oft-misunderstood neurological condition characterized by tics – involuntary sudden movements and vocalizations. In Mandeep's case, he frequently shouts racial slurs, destroys things like computers and sinks, and burns himself with cigarettes.

Toronto-based photographer Darrin Klimek spent four days with Mandeep and captured a day in the life of the lonely young man in the moving 5-minute short. The doc was originally part of an awareness campaign for the Tourette Foundation of Canada, and marks Klimek's first foray into filmmaking. We caught up with him to learn more about Mandeep's story. [Ed. note: check back after September 19 to see the whole film; we'll be posting it after TIFF.]