Brett Ratner may have a reputation for not caring what he throws up on the movie screen, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of doing something nice.

After the trailer for his upcoming comedy, 'Tower Heist,' debuted several weeks ago, actor Greg Grunberg voiced his opposition to the clip due to a joke about seizures (Grunberg's son suffers from epilepsy). After Ratner heard about the complaint, he reached out to Grunberg, saying that he felt "sincerely bad" about the remark. The director added that he has since asked the studio to remove the joke from the company's marketing campaign. Grunberg accepted Ratner's apology and tweeted that he would no longer boycott 'Tower Heist.'

You can head on over to The Hollywood Reporter to read Grunberg's original response to Ratner and what he thought about the apology.

'Tower Heist' will hit theaters on November 4.

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