What's in the water in Denmark? 'Drive' director Nicolas Winding Refn wants to make a movie with "lots of sex in it," starring Carey Mulligan, and always controversial Lars von Trier plans to make a porno starring frequent collaborator Stellan Skarsgard. (And not, sadly, his much hotter son, 'True Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard).

Speaking at the Deauville film fest, Refn announced that after shooting 'Only God Forgives' with 'Drive' star Ryan Gosling, he wants to make the "debauched" thriller 'I Walk With the Dead,' starringMulligan. "I wanted to make a movie with lots of sex in it," he explained. So far, Refn's trademark in films like 'Bronson' and 'Valhalla Rising' has been extreme violence, so "lots of sex" would be a departure.

As for Von Trier's planned porn feature Skarsgard told E! News he would star in the film, called 'Nymphomanic.' "Lars called me and said 'Stellan, my next film will be a porno and I want you to play the lead in it," the Swedish actor said.
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