If his wildly under-appreciated 'Dead Ringers' was any indication, it seems like director David Cronenberg has a thing for men of science who can't keep their flies up. So with the release of his next film, 'A Dangerous Method,' just months away, we finally have our hands on the first domestic trailer to give us a glimpse into what kind of psychosexual hijinks Sigmund Freud gets himself caught up in. Call us crazy, but something tells us his mother had something to do with it.

So click through to weigh in on the trailer for yourself along with the rest of the trailers that broke this past week.
The Double
Based on 20 critics

The apparent return of a presumed-dead Soviet agent brings a CIA operative out of retirement. Read More

A Dangerous Method
Based on 41 critics

Dr. Carl Jung treats Sabina, a beautiful and unbalanced patient, using the methods of Sigmund Freud. Read More

Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
Not Yet Rated2011
Based on 22 critics

A disturbed mama's boy sets out to recreate a horrific experiment from his favorite movie. Read More

Janie Jones
Not Yet Rated2010
Based on 16 critics

A fading musician suddenly learns he has a daughter and has to take the teen on tour with him. Read More

Miss Bala
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A young woman dreams of becoming a beauty contest queen in Mexico. Read More

Based on 27 critics

A teenager feels responsible for a fatal traffic accident and tries to make amends. Read More

Not Yet Rated2011
In Theaters on September 16th, 2011

Ram and Janani go through three stages of love from high school through their later years. Read More