It's easy to see how a happily married woman could be tempted by Luke Kirby. The charming Canadian ex-pat delivers one of the most buzzworthy performances of the season in 'Take This Waltz,' the latest flick by indie darling Sarah Polley. This isn't Kirby's first time working with Polley; the two starred together in 2003's 'Luck,' where Polley portrayed the object of Kirby's affections. In 'Take This Waltz,' which debuts at the Toronto Film Festival this Saturday, Kirby plays Daniel, the muscle-y rickshaw driver who gets Margot (Michelle Williams) all hot 'n bothered in spite of her solid marriage to a lovable chicken cookbook author (Seth Rogen). Margot tries to push hunky Daniel out of her thoughts, but it isn't easy with him living a stone's throw away.
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Take This Waltz
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A young woman (Michelle Williams) is torn between the husband (Seth Rogen) that she loves and a new man... Read More