When movies like the critically savaged duo of 'Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star' and 'Creature' bottom out at the box office, it's an excuse for a quick joke and little else. (Example: "Double the $220 per-screen average for 'Creature' and you still couldn't even buy an iPad!") When a movie like 'Warrior' underperforms, however, box office prognosticators are left to wonder where it went wrong. After all, with near-uniform critical praise and pre-release Oscar buzz, 'Warrior' should have earned significantly more money during its opening weekend than $5.3 million. That it didn't raises the question: What happened? Ahead, six reasons why 'Warrior' tapped out at the weekend box office.
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An estranged family finds redemption in the unlikeliest of places: the MMA ring. Tommy (Tom Hardy), an... Read More

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