About halfway into the movie 'Drive,'Ryan Gosling -- playing the anonymous character only known as Driver -- ends up on the wrong end of a botched robbery. Minutes later, he's in a high-speed chase, navigating his black Ford Mustang GT through the California hills with a charcoal gray Chrysler 300 hot on his tail. Driver soon realizes he's going to have to do something drastic to get rid of his pursuer. In a split-second decision, he yanks the hand brake, shifts into reverse and guns it full speed down the highway. Another second passes -- he hits the E-brake again, this time forcing the Mustang into a 270-degree spin. The 300 can't handle the turn -- it hits the barrier and shoots up in the air as Driver speeds off into the distance.
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Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a skilled Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals.... Read More

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