This weekend Hollywood offers one for the guys, one for the girls, one for the ages, and one more that we're still not really sure about. Any way you cut it, it's a big upgrade from the past couple weekends of tropical storms and B-grade horror movies that audiences have had to contend with. Lots of interesting stuff to choose from, so read on to see what your options at the theater are and weigh in on the movies you want to see most.
Drive Movie Poster
Based on 43 critics

Driver (Ryan Gosling) is a skilled Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals.... Read More

Straw Dogs Movie Poster
Straw Dogs
Based on 29 critics

Married couple David (James Marsden) and Amy (Kate Bosworth) move to her hometown of Blackwater, Miss.,... Read More

Restless Movie Poster
Based on 30 critics

Having lost his parents in a terrible accident several years ago, Enoch (Henry Hopper) tries to cope... Read More

3 Movie Poster
In Theaters on 2012

Ram and Janani are high school sweethearts who eventually get married. However, Janani is mystified when... Read More

Stay Cool Movie Poster
Stay Cool
In Theaters on September 16, 2011

A successful author (Mark Polish) reunites with a high-school beauty (Winona Ryder) when he returns to... Read More

The Weird World of Blowfly Movie Poster
The Weird World of Blowfly
Based on 6 critics

Miami musician Clarence Reid sings raunchy tunes on his world tours. Read More

Prince of Swine Movie Poster
Prince of Swine
Based on 4 critics

Feminism is put on trial. Read More

La Tête en Friche Movie Poster
La Tête en Friche
Based on 16 critics

In a film based on Marie-Sabine Roger's book, Margueritte (Gisèle Casadesus) is a 95-year-old woman whose... Read More

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Silent Souls Movie Poster
Silent Souls
Based on 15 critics

A man and a companion go on a journey to cremate his beloved wife on a riverbank. Read More

Jane's Journey Movie Poster
Jane's Journey
Based on 8 critics

Dr. Jane Goodall is a well-known anthropologist famous for her work with primates in Africa. This film... Read More

Happy, Happy Movie Poster
Happy, Happy
In Theaters on September 16, 2011

Though contentedly married to her loveless high-school sweetheart, a cheerful housewife (Agnes Kittelsen)... Read More

I Don't Know How She Does It Movie Poster
I Don't Know How She Does It
Based on 31 critics

As an employee at a Boston-based financial firm, Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) struggles daily to... Read More

Sound It Out Movie Poster
Sound It Out
In Theaters on 2011

A portrait of the last record store in Teesside, England. Read More

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