I saw 'Drive' for a second time on Sunday night, and I'm pretty sure I liked the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed thriller. I mean, I think I did. I know it's a movie that I'm supposed to like, and I do recommend seeing it as a cultural oddity -- or an example of a type of movie that we don't see very often -- for better or worse (for all its flaws, it is interesting). But, I have a hard time getting over one aspect of 'Drive': It tricked the audience. Say what you will about the validity of CinemaScore -- and it is pretty much b-llshit -- but there is one telling aspect of 'Drive''s current C- grade from audiences: It's really hard to get a bad grade on CinemaScore. ('The Hangover Part 2,' which was awful, landed an A-.) And yet: 'Drive' pulled it off! Congratulations, 'Drive,' you're 'The American' for 2011.
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