UPDATED: The George Eastman House just informed us: "The print of the film we will be showing does not in fact have the two-minute final scene that Mr. Kubrick cut following the film's initial screenings. The version of 'The Shining' screening at Eastman House will be the 142-minute extended U.S. version that includes footage Mr. Kubrick subsequently cut from the European release."

'The Shining,' Stanley Kubrick's landmark 1980 horror film adaptation Stephen King's classic novel, was originally released with a two-minute epilogue that's only been seen by a handful of viewers. Shortly after the film's limited opening, Kubrick decided to cut the scene, which took place after the (literally) chilling last moments. In the intervening 30 years, fans have waited for the original ending to see the light of day and now, they're in luck: The rare coda is hitting the big screen, just in time for Halloween.
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The Shining
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