Much was made earlier this year about whether or not Ryan Reynolds was a movie star. Never mind that under the technical definition of the term, he is one (Reynolds is an actor who stars in movies): the handsome and well-liked Canadian was in position to vault on the A-list with high-profile releases 'Green Lantern' and 'The Change-Up.' Unfortunately, that didn't happen as planned: both films underperformed financially and critically, and Reynolds is now viewed by some as damaged goods. Still, for as disappointing as the box office results were for Reynolds, he can hold his head high in one aspect: both opened to much-larger numbers than 'Abduction.' Which raises the question: Are Taylor Lautner and his 'Twilight' cohorts actually movie stars?
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A youth (Taylor Lautner) learns that the folks who raised him are not his real parents. Read More

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