"I don't think there's anything wrong with Joe. I think Joe is a perfect specimen." That's Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick's response to an awkward question from Marty in Sioux Falls, South Dakota about how she'd diagnose Joseph Gordon-Levitt if given the chance. Maybe we should explain: In Jonathan Levine's ''50/50,'' out Friday, Kendrick plays a young therapist who helps Gordon-Levitt's character cope with the news that he has terminal cancer. So, Marty asked how Kendrick would diagnose the ''(500) Days of Summer'' star in real life. Fun, but maybe he should have thought to ask about the guy who tried to pick up Kendrick while wearing a Gladiator costume.

Also in Moviefone's exclusive video: JGL talks about the challenge of being funny about cancer, Seth Rogen describes the genuine shock he felt during the movie's already famous head-shaving scene, and Kendrick shares the worst pickup line a guy has ever used on her. (Hint: it involves alcohol, a highly dubious promise, and that aforementioned costume.) Watch above.

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