The 49th edition of the New York Film Festival kicks off on Friday night with the North American premiere of 'Carnage.' The latest film from controversial director Roman Polanski tells the story of two sets of parents (Jodie Foster/John C. Reilly and Kate Winslet/Christophe Waltz) who spend an afternoon discussing -- and then fighting about -- an incident that happened between their children. Based on the play 'God of Carnage' by Yasmina Reza, 'Carnage' is easily one of the most stage-y features of the year. To wit: it occurs in real-time and all the action takes place inside a spacious Brooklyn apartment. ("Brooklyn" since 'Carnage' was shot in France due to Polanski's legal issues.) With such few theatrical accoutrements, the game cast of Oscar veterans (all four have nominations, with Foster, Winslet and Waltz possessing trophies) are forced to act. Check that: ACT. (Or maybe: ACT.) Which player chews the most scenery in 'Carnage'? Check out the breakdown ahead.
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