There isn't normally that much to get worked up about when second and third trailers and posters hit the interwebs. However, when it comes to 'The Muppets' an exception can be made. After all, the marketing campaign surrounding this Thanksgiving's Muppet's flick has been nothing short of brilliant. 'Green Lantern' and 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' parodies, spoof romantic comedy trailers, onstage stunts -- what's not to like? If you're a hater, perhaps these new 'Muppets' posters, which -- while not as good as some of the previous ones are still worth checking out, particularly if you are a fan of Kermit or Animal. Two of the new images are below. You can head on over to to see the whole collection.
The Muppets Movie Poster
The Muppets
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