Even in the midst of what may or may not be a backlash against 3D -- "may" if you wasted your hard earned money on a poor up-conversion; "may not" if you happen to be James Cameron -- the aforementioned James Cameron still stands defiant. To be fair, he has the right to do so: 'Avatar' may have spawned clones of rip-off 3D suitors, but that's certainly not Cameron's fault, and no one has questioned Cameron's painstaking attention to 3D detail. James Cameron was presented with the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Leadership Award in New York City on Monday night, and the Oscar-winning director spoke to Moviefone one-on-one about the 3D backlash, his rerelease of 'Titanic' in 3D in April of 2012 (more on that here), and why the success of 'Titanic' just may lead to 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' and 'Aliens' getting the 3D treatment as well.
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