There only three certainties in life: death, taxes and 'Batman & Robin' being the second-worst superhero movie ever. (Congratulations, Shaq; 'Kazaam' still wins that dubious honor!) 'B&R' director Joel Schumacher is doing press rounds for the upcoming Nicolas Cage-Nicole Kidman thriller 'Trespass,' and when talk in a recent sit-down with IFC turned to his superhero oeuvre, Schumacher was surprisingly honest. "Sequels are made for one reason. Because 'Batman Forever' was an unexpected sensation, and the second-biggest grossing movie for the whole year, and everyone made so much money out of 'Batman Forever,' it was always, 'more, more more.'" Which is how you get to rubber suits with prominent nipple placement. Schumacher says he's proud of 'Batman & Robin' but does regret one thing: that Warner Bros. didn't ask him to also direct 'The Dark Knight.' Pause here for fanboy head explosions.
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