In 1988, there was a terrible movie released called 'Johnny Be Good,' starring Anthony Michael Hall as a star high school quarterback. If there were any lingering doubt as to how bad 'Johnny Be Good' really is, you should just re-read the last ten words of the previous sentence. One of the cultural oddities of 'Johnny Be Good' is that future Academy Award nominee John Hawkes appears as a pizza delivery boy who winds up on the receiving end of a pie-to-the-face delivered by Paul Gleason ('The Breakfast Club,' 'Trading Places'). For reasons I don't understand, I decided to bring up 'Johnny Be Good' while speaking with Hawkes about his quite fantastic performance in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' (the full interview will publish next week). As I learned, the film is -- understandably -- not Hawkes' favorite subject, and the inquiry led to the following awkward exchange. It turns out, while shoving a pie into Hawkes' face, Gleason probably didn't exactly pull his punch -- leading to an altercation on the set.
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