We have yet to be disappointed by anything 'Muppets'-related. Parodies, infomercials, festival appearances -- as long as Kermit is involved, we will be there. The newest trailer for the upcoming 'Muppets' movie not only shows off more plot, but features a few of the no-longer surprise celebrity cameos (Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris among them). Also included? Miss Piggy dancing with Pepe the King Prawn, chickens singing Cee-lo and Statler and Waldorf making a timely, self-aware joke. You can see it all in the trailer, or when 'The Muppets' hits theaters on Nov. 23.
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The Muppets
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Walter, the world's biggest Muppet fan, is on vacation in Los Angeles with his brother Gary (Jason Segel)... Read More

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