Matthew Broderick sat down with Alec Baldwin for an hour-long discussion at the Hamptons International Film Festival on Saturday night, and when the chat turned to Hollywood icon Marlon Brando -- who starred with Broderick in 'The Freshman' -- the 'Ferris Bueller' star offered a fairly surprising anecdote about Brando's extremely high standards. "I said, 'Do you see dailies, Marlon?' 'I don't like to watch myself on film. My one time, I saw some footage and I was not happy with it, and it upset the director. So I choose not to go from now on.'" Naturally, Broderick was curious. "I said, 'Well, which film did you go to that you didn't like?' And he said, 'On the Waterfront.'" Zing! If Brando was unhappy with 'On the Waterfront,' he hopefully avoided 'The Island of Dr. Moreau.' [Movieline]
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