It looks like Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner wasn't fooling around
. Just one day after he told analysts that the toy company was "actively discussing" a fourth 'Transformers' film with director Michael Bay, producer Steven Spielberg and Paramount, Variety reports that plans for a fourth and fifth are in the works. If this happens, the plan is to shoot 'Transformers 4' and 'Transformers 5' back-to-back to keep production costs down and bring in a new star to replace the departing Shia LaBeouf. No deals have been offered yet, but Variety mentions Jason Statham as an option being "bandied about." (Note: this would be awesomesauce.) Bay had alluded to the fact that he wouldn't direct another 'Transformers' film, but he's considering directing this go-around, proving once again that money talks. [Variety]
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