From the department of bestest ideas: Vulture reports that General Motors is in talks to financially back an update of 'The Cannonball Run' with eyes on Guy Ritchie to direct. GM apparently wants to take "an actual hard-dollar, equity stake in a 'Cannonball' production," which could then basically double as a two-hour commercial for their coming line of automobiles. (Never mind that the government controls 27 percent of GM; there's a movie to be made!) Al Ruddy ('The Godfather') is producing the film, which Vulture reports could land at Warner Bros. -- especially if Ritchie gets his way and hires Brad Pitt and some of his 'Ocean's' co-stars. The original film -- with stars ranging from Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett to Jackie Chan and Dean Martin -- was a smash in 1981, though, as 'Footloose' proved last weekend, two-decade old success doesn't necessarily guarantee anything in the present day. This version of 'Cannonball Run' could take place on the Autobahn, which would prevent the caravan of GM cars from being shown in an illegal light. 'Cars 3,' y'all! [Vulture]
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