Kim Kardashian has a reported net worth of over $35 million; Tyler Perry earned $130 million from May 2010 to May 2011. Which is to say that these are two stars who treat fame like Donald Trump treated real estate properties in the '80s: by turning it into a lucrative business. As such, their accountants are probably happy about this one: Deadline reports that Kardashian has been added to the cast of Perry's new film, 'The Marriage Counselor.' Based on one of Perry's stage plays, the film focuses on an Ivy League-educated marriage counselor ('Friday Night Lights' star Jurnee Smollett) who cheats on her long-time husband (never mind that Smollett is only 25; just go with it). Kardashian would play her friend Ava, who gives the woman a "big-city makeover."
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