The most surprising story of the weekend was not the record-breaking box office of 'Paranormal Activity 3,' nor the theory that the horror prequel-sequel is a "game-changer" because it was more successful than its predecessor. (As Deadline's Nikki Finke seemed to forget in her 'Parnormal Activity 3' analysis, 'Jackass 3D, 'Scary Movie 3' and 'Austin Powers 3' are third franchise films that exceeded the opening grosses of those series' second entries.) What was surprising? That 'Parnormal Activity 3' earned a mere "C+" rating from the mostly unreliable-but-not-totally-useless Cinemascore. Translation: you really didn't love this one! Which raises the question: why not?
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Paranormal Activity 3
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In 1988 sisters Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) seem to be enjoying a normal,... Read More

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